Liverpool Olympic F.C.

Can I Coach or Manage my child’s team?

In Fact, we would encourage you to get involved.

The club is run entirely on volunteers and without the help of people like you, the Club simply will not function.
You’re welcome to Coach or Manager your child’s team as long as nobody else has put their hand up before you – AND – you will need to get aWorking with Children’s Check, which is free for volunteers and is valid for 5 years.

Coaching: We have a Coaching Director Members of our Committee are always willing to help you out, should you need it, and the internet has a wealth of information available when it comes to coaching and training drills.

Managing: The role of a Manager is to communicate to the Team all matters relating to training, Game Day, and all Club matters. There’s really nothing to it! If you’d like to become a Coach or Manager please don’t hesitate to contact the Club’s Registrar or President.

Please Note: The appointment of all Coaches and Managers remains at the sole discretion of the Club’s Executive Committee.